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Our capacity lies not only in supplying safety vinyl floors but also installing at reasonable costs. We make free inspection and assessment and offer our specification immediately with reasonable cost.  We offer minimum period of 10 years performance guarantee. ACAT offers supply and installation of polyflor safety vinyl and industrial flooring and home aesthetic services.


Our Service Offers Includes;

  • Homogenous Series
  • Acoustics Series
  • Antibacteria Coatings/Insulation Systems
  • Climate Shield UV Resistant Coolroof Insulating Systems
  • Resin Bound Pavistone Decorative Systems
  • Safety for Hospitals, Kitchen, Showrooms, Malls, etc
  • Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) Series

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What We Offer


A system is a group of products, applied in a certain order and to a certain amount, to solve a particular purpose. I.e., a system is a complete solution to its problem of pavements. Each type of work you will need a different system. For starters, it is possible that the surface need a special treatment: sanding, blasting or diamond to ensure proper adhesion of the system to the ground. If you opt for a product or another depends on much of use that are going to give to the pavement in the future. There is a wide variety of products polyurethane or epoxy flooring that it be perfectly adapted to your needs. Also the type of finishing, if required, depends on the purpose of the work and the use. There are Finishes based polyurethane of high strength, as also paints and varnishes base epoxy of easy application.

Vinyl Flooring Systems

Vinyl flooring has become high fashion in EUROPE BECAUSE they are tougher than you would imagine. They are easier to walk on as it's slightly cushioned, by comparison with concrete or tiled floors.

Industrial Flooring

Our industrial flooring services are based on the latest technological advancements in the field of Epoxy Flooring and Polyurethane flooring, self leveling and concrete repairs.


Epoxy tops are well known in the construction industry due to the flexibility and good finish achievable using the various formulations of epoxy.

Floor Matting

We offer solutions for floor coverings, barrier matting, wall protection, soft furnishing and lighting design, in addition to a comprehensive range of stair edging and floor trim profiles.

Active Integral Waterproofing Systems

We offer you Integral Waterproofing with the most advanced waterproofing technology today; this gives unparalleled cost savings and effectiveness in waterproofing in the world today.

Fibre Reinforced Concrete Flooring

The addition of fibers to your concrete mixes gives a longer span and more flexibility to your concrete works allowing you more room in your designs.

Durable Concrete Solutions

From the world leader in supplying fibers for secondary concrete reinforcement to the construction market. We bring you cynthetic fibers, steel fibers and highly engineered fiber.