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We offer you Integral Waterproofing with the most advanced waterproofing technology today; this gives unparalleled cost savings and effectiveness in waterproofing in the world today.

Our Hycrete integral admix provides a rust protection by creating a passivating layer around reinforcements. Depending on the project we have liquid crystalline waterproofing admixture the only recognized liquid form of this technology from KALMATRON Concrete Upgrading Admixtures. These Products offers performance warranty as they gives a complete waterproofing system hydrophobic admixtures reduce both the surface concentration of chlorides in concrete as well as the diffusion coefficient. Also, some hydrophobic admixtures protect steel in both cracked as well as uncracked concrete concrete.
Our waterproofing services include roof coating and renovation, UV resistance coatings with enhanced adhesive capacity for below ground level waterproofing, capillary action treatment .Crack treatment with specialized epoxy crack fillings. Expansion joints seals and dynamic joint seals. Membranous Felt installation for roof terraces and gutters are available upon clients specific demand.


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Rayston waterproofing systems

Rayston waterproofing systems based on polyurethane, polyurea and epoxy mean a solution optimal and lasting for all types of works: waterproofing of roofs and terraces of any kind as also waterproofing of ponds and tanks, ponds and landfills, etc. The possibilities are virtually endless. Depending on the type of work and the use that is given, can offer several types of systems of waterproofing. Consult with Krypton Chemical how can help him in his projects.

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